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Atomic Dog Publishing's goal has been to provide quality learning materials at an inexpensive price. Cengage Learning is committed to that goal and looks forward to partnering with you to realize this vision. Below are some policies and additional information related to ordering Atomic Dog titles.

How do I order Atomic Dog titles?
To enhance the quality of your service, orders will now be processed through the Cengage Learning Customer Service department via email or phone.

Email To place an order To place an order (International)

Toll Free Phone: 800-310-5661
Fax: 800-487-8488

Toll Free Phone: 800-599-3663
Local Phone: 859-282-5786
Fax: 859-282-5700

What is the returns policy?
Effective immediately, Atomic Dog titles will follow Cengage Learning returns policy: Returns are allowed for products bought directly from Cengage USA. Product purchased from overseas and returned will be refused back to the customer and no credit will be issued.
  • Returns must be shipped prepaid by traceable means and be accompanied by one packing list per carton indicating quantity and titles returned.
  • To ensure proper crediting, please include a copy of your original invoice. If a college store wishes to return materials but do not have a copy of the original invoice, they should request permission. Returns must be in saleable condition.
  • In an effort to control cost and textbook pricing, we will accept only 20% of the quantity ordered and must be returned within 12 months of the invoice date.
  • Returns must be packed in cartons of at least 257 lbs. test for larger boxes and 200 lbs. test for smaller (similar to Cengage Learning's shipping standards). Product must be packed with sufficient and appropriate packing material.
  • Returns of superseded titles must be received within 120 days of publication of the new edition. Returns of Out of Print titles must be received within 120 days of notification.
  • A $10.00 shipping fee will be charged for all refused returns. All must be received within the 12 months from date of invoice.
  • The returns time frame is 12 months from the invoice date regardless of the Service Plus status.
  • Course cancellation returns received in frames must include the full quantity originally clearly marked as “course cancellation”.
  • Purchased on original invoices dated:
    • January, February, or March must be received by April 31st.
    • April, May, June, July, August, or September must be received by October 31st.
    • October, November, or December must be received by March 31st.
Where do I ship returns?
Effective immediately you can begin shipping returns to our Cengage Learning Distribution Center:

Cengage Learning Distribution Center
Attn: Returns Location 02
10650 Toebben Drive
Independence, KY 41051

To ensure proper crediting, please include a copy of your invoice.

Why do I have two ISBNs for the same title?
When placing a bookstore order, use the Paperback + Online Editions ISBN or the Online Edition ISBN. The book only ISBN is strictly for students who order directly from our website and for sample copies provided to instructors. When students order directly from Atomic Dog's website, our site grants them immediate online access. When students buy from a bookstore, we provide a Book Activation Key with the print textbook that instructs them on how to gain online access via our website.

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