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Managerial Economics
Barry P. Keating, J. Holton Wilson

Mathematical Fundamentals of Microeconomics
C. Barry Pfitzner, Ph.D.

David Lane, Ph.D.

Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models and Applications
David Stockburger, Ph.D.

The Research Methods Knowledge Base
William Trochim, Ph.D., James P. Donnelly, Ph.D.

Research Methods: The Concise Knowledge Base
William Trochim, Ph.D.

Research Methods: The Concise Knowledge Base Workbook
James P. Donnelly, Ph.D., William Trochim, Ph.D.

Political Economics of Capitalism, 2e
Mayo Toruño, California State University, San Bernardino 

Online Edition: $61.00
ISBN-10: 1931442533
ISBN-13: 9781931442534
Copyright © 2002
292 Pages
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Toruño takes a classical approach to the study of economics, one that highlights the role of surplus production by building on the contemporary work of Institutionalists, Marxists and Post Keynesians. It covers many of the same technical concepts used in a principles course, but from this alternative, heterodox approach. At the same time, it views economic behavior from the perspective of social provisioning or social reproduction.

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