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Cynthia D. Heagy, Ph.D., Constance M. Lehmann, Ph.D.

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M. Joseph Sirgy, Ph.D., Don Rahtz

Shopper, Buyer, and Consumer Behavior, 4e
Jay Lindquist, Ph.D., Western Michigan University
M. Joseph Sirgy, Ph.D., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

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ISBN-10: 1426630506
ISBN-13: 9781426630507
Copyright © 2009
680 Pages
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Shopper, Buyer and Consumer Behavior at Its Best!

This up-to-date text focuses on consumer shopping, buying and consumption behavior topics looking at both domestic and international theory and examples. It is divided into sections on marketing foundations, consumer decision making, psychological and sociological influences on consumer decision making, and special topics relating to public policy, organizational buying and conducting research. The principles presented have application in not-for-profit and for-profit settings. A series of relevant cases are also included.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 An Overview of the Foundations of Shopper, Buyer, and Consumer Behavior
Chapter 2 Problem Recognition and Information Search
Chapter 3 Alternative Evaluation and Choice
Chapter 4 Consumption and Post-Purchase Behavior
Chapter 5 Symbolic Consumption, Self-Image, and Personality
Chapter 6 Personal Values, Lifestyles, Psychographics, and Relationships
Chapter 7 Memory, Learning, Perception, and Cognition
Chapter 8 Motivation, Emotion, Mood, and Involvement
Chapter 9 Beliefs, Affect, Attitude, and Intention
Chapter 10 Communication and Persuasion
Chapter 11 Cultural Influences: Perspectives
Chapter 12 Cultural Influences: Generalizations and Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Chapter 13 Subcultural Influences
Chapter 14 Social Class and Reference Group Influences
Chapter 15 Household and Family Influences
Chapter 16 Public Policy and Consumer Advocacy
Chapter 17 Consumer Behavior and Society
Chapter 18 Organizational Buying and Diffusion of Innovation
Chapter 19 Conducting Research

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