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Business Protocol: Contemporary American Practice
David Robinson, Ph.D.

Business: Principles, Guidelines, and Practices
John Ivancevich, DBA, Thomas N. Duening, Ph.D.

Foundations of Production and Operations Management
Martin Starr, Ph.D.

Human Resource Management: A Managerial Tool for Competitive Advantage
Lawrence Kleiman, Ph.D.

Management: Skills, Application, Practice, and Development
John Ivancevich, DBA, Thomas N. Duening, Ph.D.

Managing Organizations: Principles & Guidelines
Thomas N. Duening, Ph.D., John Ivancevich, DBA

Production and Operations Management
Martin Starr, Ph.D.

Services Marketing: Operation, Management, and Strategy
Kenneth E. Clow, Ph.D., David L. Kurtz, Ph.D.

Small Business Management: A Planning Approach
Joel Corman, Ph.D, Robert Lussier, Lori Pennel

Strategic Management: Theory and Practice
John A. Parnell, Ph.D.

The Research Methods Knowledge Base
William Trochim, Ph.D., James P. Donnelly, Ph.D.

Strategic Management: Theory and Practice, 3e
John A. Parnell, Ph.D., University of North Carolina at Pembroke 

Online Edition: $115.25
ISBN-10: 142662882X
ISBN-13: 9781426628825
Copyright © 2009
400 Pages
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Strategic Management: Theory and Practice 3e provides a detailed, yet highly readable efficient presentation of the strategic management field. Concepts are addressed sequentially, from external and internal analysis to strategy formulation, strategy execution, and strategic control. This book can be used in undergraduate or graduate courses in the strategic management capstone course (traditionally called “business policy’), but it has been prepared with an undergraduate audience in mind.

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Audio Commentaries introduce and reinforce classroom lecture. Exceptionally valuable when a course is delivered online!

Current Issues, Concepts, and Examples with extensive references to such topics as global strategy (with strong China coverage), e-strategy, and crisis management.

A Strategy Landscape chapter has been added that outlines a number of recent developments in the business world that have changed the nature of strategic management including outsourcing, offshoring, mass customization, commoditization, and e-commerce.

Strategy Execution has been expanded into two chapters in this edition, one emphasizing structure and the other emphasizing culture and leadership.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Strategic Management

Chapter 2: The Strategy Landscape

Chapter 3: Industry Competition

Chapter 4: External Environment

Chapter 5: The Organization

Chapter 6: Corporate-Level Strategies

Chapter 7: Business Unit Strategies

Chapter 8: Functional Strategies

Chapter 9: Strategy Formulation

Chapter 10: Strategy Execution: Structure

Chapter 11: Strategy Execution: Strategic Change, Culture, and Leadership

Chapter 12: Strategic Control

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