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Criminal Justice, 8e
Sue Titus Reid, J.D. Ph.D., Florida State University 

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ISBN-10: 1426627270
ISBN-13: 9781426627279
Copyright © 2008
450 Pages
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The eighth edition of Sue Titus Reid's Criminal Justice provides students with a thoroughly researched, clearly written, and affordable text. While explaining how the criminal justice system functions, this text also considers the interrelationships of the various parts of the system and how changes in one area may have an impact on other areas. All legal citations, including cases and statutes, have been checked to determine whether they have been altered or overruled by subsequent legislation or court decisions. All criminal data reports have been updated according to the Uniform Crime Reports 2005. Along with recent scholarly research in the social sciences, this eighth edition retains the practice of using recent current events from popular sources to illustrate what is happening in criminal justice.

Table of Contents

Part 1 - Introduction to Criminal Justice Systems

Chapter 1 - Criminal Justice: An Overview
1-1 The Nature and Philosophical Bases of Punishment
1-2 The Role of Discretion in Punishment
1-3 Components of Criminal Justice Systems
1-4 Criminal Law: An Overview
1-5 Sources of Criminal Law
1-6 The Concept of Crime
1-7 The Reach of Criminal Law

Chapter 2 - Crime, Offenders, and Victims
2-1 Sources of Crime Data
2-2 Crime and Offenders: An Overview
2-3 Crime Victims

Part 2 - Entry into Criminal Justice Systems: Policing

Chapter 3 - The Emergence and Structure of Police Systems
3-1 The History of Policing
3-2 Decentralized Policing: U.S. Systems
3-3 Private Police and Security Forces
3-4 The Organization, Administration, and Management of Police Systems

Chapter 4 - Policing in a Modern Society
4-1 Preparing for Policing
4-2 Police Discretion
4-3 Police Functions
4-4 Law Enforcement

Chapter 5 - Problems and Issues in Policing
5-1 Dilemmas in Policing
5-2 The Police Subculture
5-3 Police Misconduct
5-4 Violence and the Police
5-5 The Control of Policing
5-6 Affirmative Action Recruitment and Hiring

Part 3 - Processing a Criminal Case: Criminal Court Systems

Chapter 6 - Criminal Court Systems
6-1 The Judicial Branch of Government
6-2 The Dual Court System
6-3 The United States Supreme Court
6-4 Judges in Criminal Court Systems
6-5 Crisis in the Courts

Chapter 7 - Prosecution, Defense, and Pretrial Procedures
7-1 Lawyers and the Legal Profession
7-2 Prosecution
7-3 Defense
7-4 Pretrial Procedures

Chapter 8 - Trial, Sentencing, and Appeal
8-1 Constitutional Issues at Trial
8-2 The Trial Process
8-3 Sentencing
8-4 Appeals and Writs

Part 4 - Confinement and Corrections

Chapter 9 - The History and Structure of Confinement
9-1 The Emergence of Prisons for Punishment
9-2 Modern Prisons: An Overview
9-3 Confinement Institutions
9-4 Federal and State Prisons
9-5 Local Systems: The Jail
9-6 Short Incarceration with Intensive Training
9-7 Prison and Jail Overcrowding

Chapter 10 - Life in Prison
10-1 The Incarceration of Offenders
10-2 Legal Implications of Incarceration
10-3 Prison Administration
10-4 Adaptation to Prison Life
10-5 Female Inmates
10-6 Prison Issues

Chapter 11 - Community Corrections, Probation, and Parole
11-1 Supervision of Offenders in the Community
11-2 Problems of Offenders on Release
11-3 Probation and Parole: An Overview
11-4 Probation
11-5 Parole
11-6 Constitutional Issues
11-7 Megan's Laws

Part 5 - Juvenile Justice: A Special Case

Chapter 12 - Juvenile Justice Systems
12-1 Juvenile Justice Systems: An Overview
12-2 Juvenile Delinquency Data
12-3 The Constitutional Rights of Juveniles
12-4 Juvenile Court Organization and Procedures
12-5 Juveniles in Adult Criminal Courts
12-6 Meganís Laws and Juveniles
12-7 Juvenile Drug Courts
12-8 Juveniles in Corrections
12-9 Juveniles and Capital Punishment
12-10 Juvenile and Adult Criminal Justice Systems: An Assessment

Appendix A - Selected Amendments to the United States Constitution

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