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Stephen L. Franzoi, Ph.D.

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Stephen L. Franzoi, Ph.D.

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Choices in Sexuality, 3e
Susan McCammon, Ph.D., East Carolina University
David Knox, East Carolina University

Online Edition: $108.75
ISBN-10: 1592602657
ISBN-13: 9781592602650
Copyright © 2007
704 Pages
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In the new 4-COLOR third edition of Choices in Sexuality, the authors once again provide students with a valuable tool for learning about human sexuality, in society and in their own lives. The "choices" theme is integrated throughout the text beginning in the first chapter, with information on the nature of choices and decision-making skills, and in the rest of the chapters, with "Personal Choices" sections that give students an opportunity to think about how they might respond in different situations. The third edition includes two new chapters, one on love and attachment and the other on the commercialization of sex. It has been thoroughly updated with the most current research available on these topics.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Choices in Sexuality: An Introduction
Chapter 2 Sex Research and Theory
Chapter 3 Female Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Response
Chapter 4 Male Sexual Anatomy, Physiology, and Response
Chapter 5 Gender Diversity in Sexuality
Chapter 6 Love, Attraction, Attachment and Intimate Relationships
Chapter 7 Partner Communication and Sexuality
Chapter 8 Individual and Interpersonal Sexual Behaviors
Chapter 9 Sexual Orientation Diversity
Chapter 10 Conception, Pregnancy and Childbirth
Chapter 11 Contraception and Birth Control
Chapter 12 Sexuality Across the Life Span
Chapter 13 Illness, Disability, Drugs, and Sexuality
Chapter 14 Sexual Dysfunctions and Sex Therapy
Chapter 15 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Chapter 16 Variant Sexual Behavior
Chapter 17 Sexual Coercion
Chapter 18 The Commercialization of Sex

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