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Research Methods: The Concise Knowledge Base
William Trochim, Ph.D.

Research Methods: The Concise Knowledge Base Workbook
James P. Donnelly, Ph.D., William Trochim, Ph.D.

Introductory Statistics: Concepts, Models and Applications
David Stockburger, Ph.D.

David Lane, Ph.D.

The Research Methods Knowledge Base, 3e
William Trochim, Ph.D., Cornell University
James P. Donnelly, Ph.D., SUNY-Buffalo

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ISBN-10: 1592602916
ISBN-13: 9781592602919
Copyright © 2007
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Straightforward and fun? Interactive online features and a fresh approach to the topic puts a new spin on research methods!

Now in its third edition, renowned authors William M.K. Trochim and James P. Donnelly have created a book that is both fun to teach and learn from while being effective in its fundamental purpose. A comprehensive and engaging guide to conducting research, The Research Methods Knowledge Base is geared toward the social sciences. It covers the entire cycle of the research process, including conceptualization and ethics, design, measurement, analysis and reporting. This updated edition includes classic coverage of experimental and quasi-experimental design, adds new chapters on qualitative and mixed methods, and provides a concluding chapter on Research Synthesis, Meta-Analysis and Evidence-Based Practice.

Table of Contents

Part 1: Foundations
Chapter 1 - Foundations

Part 2: Participants and Sampling
Chapter 2 - Sampling

Part 3: Observation and Measurement
Chapter 3 - The Theory of Measurement
Chapter 4 - Survey Research
Chapter 5 - Scales and Indexes
Chapter 6 - Qualitative and Unobtrusive Measures

Part 4: Design and Structure
Chapter 7 - Design
Chapter 8 - Qualitative and Mixed Methods Designs
Chapter 9 - Experimental Design
Chapter 10 - Quasi-Experimental Design
Chapter 11 - Advanced Design Topics

Part 5: Analysis and Synthesis
Chapter 12 - Analysis
Chapter 13 - Qualitative and Mixed Methods Analysis
Chapter 14 - Analysis for Research Design
Chapter 15 - Write-Up
Chapter 16 - Research Synthesis, Meta-Analysis, and Evidence-Based Practice

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