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Personal Selling: A Relationship Approach
Ronald Marks

Marketing 10e: Marketing in the 21st Century
Joel R. Evans, Ph.D., Barry Berman, Ph.D.

Essentials of Marketing
Dana-Nicoleta Lascu, Ph.D., Kenneth E. Clow, Ph.D.

Shopper, Buyer, and Consumer Behavior
Jay Lindquist, Ph.D., M. Joseph Sirgy, Ph.D.

Services Marketing: Operation, Management, and Strategy
Kenneth E. Clow, Ph.D., David L. Kurtz, Ph.D.

International Marketing
Dana-Nicoleta Lascu, Ph.D.

Strategic Marketing Communications: A Systems Approach to IMC
M. Joseph Sirgy, Ph.D., Don Rahtz

Marketing Research: An Aid to Decision Making
Alan T. Shao, Ph.D., Kevin Zheng Zhou, Ph.D.

Strategic Marketing
Syed Akhter, Ph.D.

International Logistics: Management of International Trade Operations
Pierre A. David, Ph.D.

Reality Sales: Role Plays for the Real World, 1e
Jane Z. Sojka, Ohio University
Dawn R. Deeter-Schmelz, Ohio University

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ISBN-10: 1592602177
ISBN-13: 9781592602179
Copyright © 2006
83 Pages
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Jane Sojka and Dawn Deeter-Schmelz, both of Ohio University, have drawn on their experience working in the corporate environment in various sales roles and have created an effective tool for instructors and students. Intended for use in personal selling courses, Reality Sales: Role Plays for the Real World gives students a taste of “real world sales experience” within the classroom and exposes them to difficult situations while they are in a position to think, discuss, and decide what action would be appropriate. The role plays also illustrate the multiple relationships (with customers and within the sales rep’s own company) that a sales rep must manage to be successful.

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