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Atomic Dog Publishing welcomes inquiries from aspiring authors. We publish college textbooks in a variety of areas, focusing primarily on the social sciences and business. We encourage you to look through our website and examine our books carefully in order to gain an understanding of our style, presentation, and approach. A standard phase of the acquisitions process is a prospectus, the guidelines for which are below. However, let’s keep it simple initially. Send us an email to the address below indicating your interest and the target course. Provide your contact info. If both parties decide to get serious, we’ll eventually need a brief letter (1 to 2 pages) describing your project, a current resume or curriculum vitae, and the items below.

Thank you for thinking of Atomic Dog! Prospectus submissions can be emailed to

Prospectus Guidelines

A prospectus is a preliminary statement that describes the goals of the proposed textbook. The prospectus should also make a case for the viability of the project in the marketplace. It is typically two or three double-spaced pages. A good prospectus is an invaluable tool for author and publisher alike. It assists authors in honing and clarifying their ideas. It provides the publisher with a foundation for the review and development process and, ultimately, the marketing campaign.

The prospectus should contain:

A brief description of the resource. What is the target course and the level of the material? Are there any prerequisites or technology skills required?

An assessment of the competition. What are the primary competitors in this market? How does your project differ from them?

Advantages over the competition. What needs will the resource meet that existing materials do not? What needs will your project meet that existing materials do not? How will your project better serve instructor and student?

A detailed table of contents. In the case of text material, a clearly defined table of contents with subheadings will illustrate the depth of the text and help describe exactly what will be covered. Reviewers and potential customers will be looking at the table of contents for pleasant surprises and coverage of key items. The table of contents serves as a checklist for your writing and research while also providing an overview of your vision for the content of the course.

Technology integration and interactive media. What is your vision for the use of technology to create superior educational content? What will set this project apart from more traditional resources? Please provide some examples illustrating how interactive elements can be added to change the way a specific concept or topic is taught.

Ancillary materials. Textbooks often require a suite of ancillary materials that might include an instructor’s manual, PowerPoint slides, a test bank, and other items. Please include a list of intended ancillaries and indicate whether you would create these yourself.

Suggested reviewers. If you believe that certain individuals in the field might be particularly helpful in evaluating the sample materials, please provide a list of those people.

Sample materials. When possible, at least one sample chapter should be included. Better yet would be the introductory chapter and one additional chapter. It may be a good idea to identify particular reviewers for areas of concern or for major content innovations. Please double space. Any known deficiencies should be pointed out for the benefit of reviewers.

Completion date. Please provide a realistic date by which time you think you can finish a first draft (without technology). Please also mention any factors that could impinge on (or accelerate) the process.

Ultimately, the prospectus should be a summary of your purpose, goals, vision, and execution strategy for creating your finished product. Items that you have questions or concerns about can be addressed in a cover letter or direct discussion. Atomic Dog is here to help you build a superior educational resource. The future of educational publishing is just a click away.


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